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We are a dynamic team powered by the love of plants, based in the UK. The Plant Team has been set up to offer a fully focused service to UK garden centres. We select the best plants available for you. We load direct at growers or from our docks in Holland and Belgium so you receive the freshest plants.


Our Mission is to create a transparent supply chain from grower to our partners to develop the very best plants available for everyone. We work as a team to get the best for our customers working together with growers. We are one team, we are The Plant Team!

The Plant Team’s main office is in the UK with a sub office and loading docks in Belgium. We also have loading facilities in Aalsmeer Holland.

We feel having a team in Holland, Belgium and the UK to be very important and like to think of ourselves as the eyes and ears of your business when it comes to feeding information from grower to partner and partner to grower.

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